Increased internet usage over the past few years has brought about an increased focus on search engine optimization and raised importance on performing well in the search engines. With this increased importance on performance, many SEO companies have turned to less-than-ethical methods in order to obtain the results that their clients want and demand. These questionable techniques are known as Black Hat SEO.

There are two types of SEO optimizers — those that play by the book and those that use unethical means for obtaining higher search engine rankings. “White hat” optimizers are those who use ethical and legal means to improve search engine rankings of their website. A “black hat” tactician on the other hand, uses unscrupulous means in order to expediently catapult their sites to higher rankings in the search engine result pages.

Effective White Hat SEO Techniques

White hat tactics include natural inbound link building, optimized internal linking, and well written site content, along with other standard methods that conform to the guidelines established by search engines. Unique, well written content is one of the best ways to get your site indexed by the search engines. Along with keeping your visitor’s trust, well written site content can be easily optimized for the search engines. There are a lot of advantages in the long run when a search engine optimization company implements white hat SEO tactics. White hat methods generally bring about a long, steady, and sustained growth in the search engines.

Detrimental Black Hat SEO

Has black hat SEO banned your site in Google? Let MorePro help you get re-indexed & start seeing traffic againBlack hat SEO tricks include keyword stuffing, spamming, cloaking, and invisible text. Most black hat SEO tricks are designed to attract search engine spiders and crawlers. Keyword stuffing entails stacking a lot of keywords in one site that has little or no content at all. Invisible text is done when white font-keywords are placed against a white background to lure search engine crawlers. Another trick is the using of doorway pages. A doorway page is a page made with the intent of spamming the indexes of the search engines. It redirects users to another website without them noticing. This trick also attracts search engine spiders and has them index the site with a higher value.

The appeal of black hat tricks lies on their effectiveness. Yes, they work, but take note that these tricks will inevitably get your site penalized and banned from the search engines. No matter how well your site has performed using black hate SEO campaigns, the results do not last long.

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