Is Your Website Safe From Americans With Disabilities Act (ADA) Lawsuits?

ADA Lawsuits and your Website 2018 was a record year for web-related ADA lawsuits and 2019 is expected to be worse. All states are affected, but New York, California, Florida, Texas and Pennsylvania have seen the biggest increases. (Source: Propeller Media Works) Serial litigators are trolling the internet looking for small business websites not following

How to Help Make Facebook Videos ADA Compliant

Steps to Help Make Facebook Videos ADA Compliant If you’ve been following Facebook marketing, you know how important video is. Facebook has been pushing video, especially Facebook Live for the last couple years. As a digital marketing company, MorePro values video and we encourage all our clients to shoot and post more video content. However,

How to Help Make your Website ADA Compliant

Help Make Your Website ADA Compliant with These 10 Steps Most business owners are familiar with ADA (Americans with Disabilities Act) as it pertains to buildings and facilities. Handicapped parking, elevators and wheelchair accessible bathrooms are all part of complying with ADA regulations. What many business owners don’t know, however, is that commercial websites also

Holiday Marketing Tips For Your Tourism Business

While the holiday season might not be peak time for your tourism business, it can be an ideal opportunity for marketing. Holiday marketing can be heartwarming and engaging, encouraging customers to book with you and interact with your business. On top of that, for digital marketing strategies like search engine optimization, it can often take

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How To Effectively Market Your Campground To Baby Boomers

With multiple age groups online, generational marketing is more important than ever. This is especially true for the travel and leisure industry, since most generations are traveling. And for campground owners, marketing to baby boomers may be of particular interest. While adventurous camping may be more typical of younger age groups, RV parks and cabins

How Social Media Has Revolutionized Travel Marketing

Marketing travel and camping websites used to be the work of expert marketers and travel agencies, but now more than ever, this task is transforming. And social media certainly takes the credit. In a world of real-time sharing, geo tagging, and increased connection with consumers, social media offers unique opportunities to spread the word about

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