This page provides you 2 free tools to use on your site

1. Check your website for ADA compliance errors.
2. Generate an ADA accessibility document you can add to your site with a compliance graphic.

Website Compliancy Test

Submit the URL to find any website assessibilty errors you should fix

The report will open in a new browser window if pop-ups are allowed
This ADA compliancy test will only show you results from the page you enter into the URL

  • Your Website's Accessibility Document

    The following form, when filled out, will be used to send you your website’s Accessibility Document and a link to display The ADA Compliance graphic in your site footer. This will allow visitors to your site to see you have started to make your site ADA Compliant and the time-frame you expect to have this accomplished. This is s free service and does not require you to purchase MorePro Marketing services to use. More instructions will be supplied in the return document to be sent with your document and link to the graphic link. This completed document can be see in our own footer at the bottom of this page.
  • About your website

  • Accessibility level

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