What is Conversion Anyway?

Conversion, when used in the context of internet sales/leads, is the process of compelling a site visitor to take a desired action. These desired actions, or conversions, can manifest in many different forms. Some examples include sales, contact information left, catalogs ordered, membership registrations, and newsletter subscriptions…just to name a few.

Having a high conversion rate can depend on several factors: ease of site usability, a good value proposition, driving qualified traffic to your site, appropriate length and tone of content, and many, many more variables. Your conversion rate is easily calculated by dividing the number of conversions by the number of unique visitors in any given time period. For example, if a site gets 1,050 visitors in a month and 26 people sign up for membership (if that’s the objective), the site’s conversion rate is 2.5%.

26 ÷ 1,050 = 2.47%

How To Find Your Unique Visitors

Obviously, you will need to have some type of tracking system set up on your site to know your unique visitors. People often ask what a “good” conversion rate is. It has been said that if you’re converting at 3 – 5% you are doing well. This standard should be taken with a grain of salt, though, because it can vary greatly by industry. Some high-commitment, complex sales may only convert at less than 1%, while some others may convert visitors at 33%.

If you feel that you are not converting enough of your visitors, you may want to look into having a conversion analysis done on your site. This can provide some valuable insight into your site and you will surely learn some things that you may be doing wrong without realizing it. A conversion analysis typically involves an expert in the field “peeling back the layers” of your site by exploring the navigation, testing your shopping cart system (if applicable), conducting surveys, persona development to look at your site from several perspectives, and possibly multi-variate a/b testing. The depth of your conversion analysis will vary depending on what you opt for and the price.


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