Derek’s Sandbox – Day 18

Hey everyone, my name is Derek and I am the new assistant copywriter for MorePro.  To give you the readers digest version of my history I received my B.S. in technical communication with an emphasis in communication from Arizona State University. Before coming involved with the Arizona SEO firm, I spent the last year working for a document writing company designing electronic mortgage forms so that I could finish my education (don’t smile and pretend like that sounds fun!). I spent three years prior working in corporate radio where I developed a keen sense of marketing and advertising from being surrounded by it.

What does all this mean? This means that I am an unspecialized technical communicator with a background in mortgage writing and radio. Please, restore your faith in MorePro because I know that my experience all ties in with why they have brought me on board.

The bottom line here is that, no, I had no idea what Search Engine Optimization is all about when I was hired. I am MorePro’s experiment that they have brought on board. So if you don’t have any idea either but you’re looking in to this- We’re on the same page!

I received my first lesson on Search Engine Optimization in my interview. Among the smile-reinforced negative responses to questions asked regarding my knowledge of SEO, I got a crash course in search engine optimization verses search engine marketing. I thought, “hey, that seems like a great idea”. I never would have thought about advertising a company by enhancing their chances of being discovered on a search engine.

Then I was hired.

On my first day of work, I was assigned to write this blog. Why? Because there are so many out there like myself who have no idea what SEO is all about and what kind of effects it could have on a company. I am here to track my experience and share my findings with you.

My first conclusion is that MorePro has been in business for over 15 years with many returning customers. So, they have got to be doing something right.

As I track my progress in learning about SEO, I want to be able to share with everyone the truth about what I am learning. I suppose that after my 90 day probation period, if I’m still not learning and catching on or seeing its effects they’ll let me go and you won’t see my blog and then perhaps come to your own conclusions about the benefits of SEO.

I assure you, as an unspecialized technical writer I pick up technical material very quickly. After three years of radio promotion, I know that I can learn about our clients, their culture and customers. In the week and a half that I have been here, I know that this job will be a sustaining one. I have new material to learn and a great crew that is doing everything in their power to make this a quick and easy transition for me.

Today is Day 18 of my 90 day probation. By day 90, I hope that the SEO fence-sitters and those who are unaware will have an honest perspective of what MorePro and SEO is all about.

Stay tuned for more…. Google AdWords, Collective SEO strategizing, MorePro inside operations and the daily harassment of Cory’s “Tweeting”.