Unfulfilled New Year’s Resolution

I had been feeling guilty about an unfulfilled New Year’s resolution. No, it wasn’t to lose weight or start exercising (did those), it was to read all the Internet marketing newsletters I was subscribed to.

There were ten or so weeklies and some daylies on every news item, and posts on SEO, SEM, Website Analytics, A/B and Multi-Variant Testing and Sales Conversion strategies. Great stuff from some of the real Gurus in our trade, everyone of them… At least I believe there is great stuff in them, if I just had time to read them I could tell you what great stuff I found.

The dilemma is there is so much and a lot is just a different coat of paint on the same wall, even the digests, which are supposed to help you discern the best to read, are by the same people talking about the same thing.  I mean don’t get me wrong, these people can write circles around me, but what I need is fresh insightful information about our industry that isn’t a rehash of an article written three months ago by someone else.

So I went and unsubscribed to all but 3 sources. Sources that I now pay an annual fee for and if I don’t read these on a daily basis, I’ll not only have the guilt about keeping up on industry news, but I also have the guilt about throwing my hard earned money away.