This company and the other names they go under, all having to do with $50 logos has not returned my money.

On their site they say 

  • Our customer service professionalism is symbolized by our 365 day, 100% money back guarantee.
  • If you are unhappy with your logo or service for any reason we will refund all your money paid to us, that simple. No fees are deducted.
  • Unlike most logo design companies, there are no admin fees whatsoever. Your claim for refund can be made at any time up to 365 days after placing your order with u

So I signed up and paid my money to this company on 4-23-14.  As I needed the Logo over the weekend I paid for expedited services.  Instruction were sent and I waited for their 24 hour turnaround like they guaranteed.

Sure enough on the 24th they sent back the first looks of my logo and only one was even close to what I asked and paid for.

Several things wrong with it

1. They used old images from different artwork they had done before. On one guy they drew a camera in his hand where he clearly had none on the original.

2. The other guy was done in a completely different style than the Camera Man.  This guy was supposed to be the director and if you get a magnifying glass out you can see where they had written “Director” on his cap

2. They had the camera running down the road instead of driving down the road with wheels on it.

Stupid looking logo from Guaranteed Logo.

Stupid looking logo from Guaranteed Logo.







Ok so I think they rushed it and now they needed to go back and redo it.  So I sent them the notes from the original and pointed out their mistakes.

They then replied to me on the 24th with this email:

“We apologize for the mistake. Our designers are already informed,They will do their 
best to revise your design based on your requirements. New samples will be sent soon.”

ON the 25th I sent them this email:

So it’s been 24 hrs since you sent the apology email below and will be 48 hours at 5:00 this afternoon since I signed up for your Guaranteed 24 hour service.  I know you sent me 6 samples but as they were wrong to begin with the clock started again 24 hrs ago.

Should I just request my money back or do you anticipate the new samples coming anytime soon?  

Please see to this order as I don’t want to start this project again with one of your competitors. 

On the 25th they sent this back to me:

Thank you!

We really appreciate your feedback on our work.

We have received the revisions that you want, and our
designers are starting their work on your project.

 By that time I had seen the writing on the wall so I requested a refund.

They sent this to me on the 25th

We are sorry to hear that you are requesting a refund. With the way things are with your project, it might be helpful for both of us if we
would just try to rework the whole thing. We will immediately have your design team work on a redraw to once again
attempt to create the design that you want created for your company. We are, once again, sorry for failing to reach your expectations. Hopefully, with
the redraw, you’ll get what you want. Otherwise, you can just go ahead with your
refund request.

Yours truly,
Logo Design Guarantee™

 On the 27th they sent me the same Email above Thanking me and promising they were working on it. 

ON the 28th I again sent them this demand:

It is Monday and your multiple promises for a solution to your terrible service have not been kept.  Please refund my fees immediately.  

For the next 3 weeks they sent me the emails above in response to my questions about my refund.

On the 20th of May they sent me this email

 Thank you for the email.

We are very sorry for not being able to meet your request. We have received your refund request. As we have stated in our terms, it may take up to 21 days to fully process a refund. An email confirmation will be sent once refund process is completed.

This was over the 21 days they promised but hey who’s counting.

It is now the 12th of June and still no refund…I have left nasty messages, screamed at CS and all they do is say the same thing “we will escalate this to our finance dept.”

They still have my money, and have never sent any more designs to look at.

All I can say is: Caveat emptor