Derek’s Sandbox Day 59

“Yes! You are interesting and people want to know!”

In continuation of my SEO Training at the MorePro Academy……

It’s been quite an interesting journey now that I have been able to see the process in which our SEO campaigns go through and how they affect sales, leads and traffic. Its been interesting to see how we strategize going after certain niche audiences and the strategies we use to get their attention.

Here are my thoughts for the week. I’ve been doing a lot of research lately on social media and the benefits of it. There are so many different avenues to go down and the technology is so easy to access. Social media allows you to interact with people and gain the ultimate customer service satisfaction there is.

There are hundreds of majorly popular social media pages that allow you to narrow your search and forums down to people that are looking for or already providing dialogue between others about the smallest niche.

Aside from dialogue driven social media pages, there are many other ways to deliver search engine optimization for your company.

The mediums for gaining SEO results include, but are not limited to items like, video, images, podcasts, contests, interactive games or applications and many more. Quite honestly the sky is the limit when it comes to gaining authority in the search engines through social media. Trying to figure out what works for you, is the part that is most important.

What is your ultimate goal for internet marketing? Get discovered on the top pages of Google-

Check out this link for some social media success stories<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<

>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>Check out this link for some social media FAILURES!

Like I said before, the number of opportunities to engage in social media and other forms of search results are infinite. I do want to provide a couple of general guidelines when addressing a social media

  1. Consider Your Audience- Rhetorically think through your strategy. When you’re going through a brainstorming meeting with your people, have contrasting opinions. When everyone is thinking on the same page and being optimistic about an idea, there is no room for reason or reality and you could run away with a horrible idea that could hurt your company in the end.
  2. Don’t Stink – Just because your business sells the best possible yarn scissor doodly-wops, doesn’t mean that that your customers want to download an hourly podcast about them. The same applies to all social media; don’t annoy people with silly and useless information.
  3. Timing- If you’re going to stir up a viral market of customers, have something ready for them- A sale, special, contest, or anything that you can deliver.
  4. Legalities – Don’t make claims you can’t live up to, don’t slander, don’t infringe on anyone’s intellectual property or perform any kind of act which could POSSIBLY result in legal implications. What can go wrong will-

Implementing social media into your SEO strategy is CRUCIAL now. The search engines are crawling them so frequently because of how often they are updated. For the most part, it’s free and it’s easy. Try to think far outside the box and get your customers attention, or better yet…

New customers…     ooooh…..