The importance of developing an effective website value proposition (VP) which is defined a statement that expresses the key reason why a prospect should buy from you or leave his or her contact information can’t be stressed enough.  It should leave an impact on your visitors and be displayed prominently on every landing page as well as the rest of your site.

A competitive analysis will help you identify your VP by uncovering your company’s strengths and weaknesses. By differentiating yourself from your competitors’ offers, you will excel in at least one element of value; thus, becoming the best choice for some customers. But…you cannot determine what the best choice for your customers is unless you know and understand your customers. It is important to discover your market’s motivation, perceived risks (or concerns), and obstacles they have about purchasing your product/service or leaving their contact information. Once you understand your market, you can address their needs and concerns in your VP.

Touch Points for Assessing your Value Proposition:

Ask yourself: Why Should People Buy from My Website?” This is the start to finding and expressing your value proposition.

a.       It shouldn’t contain too much promotional language.
b.      It communicates who your market is, what you can offer them, and why they should accept your offer.
c.       It is articulated in 1-2 sentences.
d.      It differentiates you from your competitors.
e.      You can really deliver what you’re promising.

One thing to keep in mind, the creation of your value proposition may be an evolutionary process. I recommend using one of 2 methods to help determine it.