Santa out New SEO strategies in!

With the holiday season about to wrap up or wrapping up now you are probably wondering what to do next.  Well first things first do not delete or remove your holiday pages off your site. You have been building those pages up for the past three to four months so all the value you have created you don’t want to just throw out the window. Instead put a 301 redirect in place and push all those people that might have bookmarked that page to a page containing related items. This way you will not lose any value you have built up for that page over the past few months.

Once you have gone through and redirected all your holiday pages to related pages you can start shifting your strategies onto new things. This means that you may need to go back and do new keyword research, if you have Google analytics installed and you have for a long time you can go back to right before you started your holiday optimization and figure out what was working the best for you before the holiday kick off.  After you have put together an updated list for your keyword focus, here are some steps you can and should go through when re-evaluating your site:

  1. Titles and Tags – Check through all your pages and make sure your titles and tags are re-optimized for your new keywords and not directly focused on the holiday season like they may have been previously.
  2. Content – Go through and check all your content and make sure any instance of holiday sales or anything relating the holiday is removed. Replace with brand new content, preferably containing your new targeted keywords you are trying to rank for.
  3. Images – Be sure that all the holiday images you have created over the course of the past 3-4 months are changed and no longer broadcasting holiday sales that you may have had going on.
  4. Internal linking – Be sure all the internal linking you have done and pointed to your holiday pages are removed and pointed to a different pages. While you do have the 301 redirect in place it is still important that you point those internal links to real pages not redirected ones. They will pass more value this way.

While this all looks like a lot of work, it will only help your site remain relevant and provide you with the edge on your competitors as the New Year kicks off. This is something you should have planned and ready to implement right after the first of the year. If you were late when getting into the holiday season, now is your time to make up for it and capture shoppers looking for “After Holiday” sales. Run some promotions and/or some sales to catch some of those people right after the holidays with their Christmas money in hand ready to spend. Utilize the different social media that is out there to do your “After Holiday” promotions. I hope some of these tips will help and I want to wish everyone HAPPY HOLIDAYS!!