RESULTS: Winner – Digg

While I’m sure it has been done before, I am going to try and settle the heavily debated topic of which of the social media sites are the best in terms of visibility, SEO value, and overall buzz. Every couple of weeks or so, two social media sites will square off against each other to see who reigns supreme. This first week we have the biggest match up of them all right off the bat.

So who is better, Reddit or Digg? Well we want you to tell us! Below is a small poll with some easy questions that will help decide once and for all who the best is.

[poll id=”2″] [poll id=”3″] [poll id=”4″] [poll id=”5″] [poll id=”6″] [poll id=”7″] [poll id=”8″]

Simple but effective right? These questions should help determine who advances to the second round where they will face off against Propeller. The poll will run for a week solid, meaning the polls will close September 4th.