So what is search engine optimization, and what’s the effectiveness of local SEO for small businesses in 2015? Well, according to Pew Internet research, almost 60% of U.S. consumers research new products and services online, and three quarters of them will never scroll past that first page of Google search results. If you’re thinking about just buying ads, then you’ll lose the business of the 80% of users who never click on paid advertisements, ever.

What kind of SEO strategies work for Phoenix small businesses?

If you’re looking for information on affordable SEO services for small business, then there’s one term you’re going to hear a lot: content marketing. In short, content marketing means using compelling, engaging content to improve your search rankings. And Arizona SEO consultants agree: content creation is one of the most crucial local SEO strategies.

Why will content creation help the effectiveness of local SEO?

We could tell you that users love content, and that if you build compelling content, your customers will come. All of that is true. But honestly, content really works because Google has decided that’s what matters in its search algorithm. That’s why 90% of marketers say content creation is an important part of their SEO strategy this year.

Will great content convert customers for my business?

For Phoenix small businesses, local SEO companies might tell you the answer to this question is yes. They aren’t necessarily wrong, but they also aren’t being upfront about the true purpose of content marketing and the effectiveness of local SEO.

Content marketing is NOT a form of direct advertising. One of the key ways Google ranks websites in 2015 is by how much users read and engage with the content on your site. By turning your website into a resource for users, you can see your rankings move towards that first page of search results.

And that’s how you convert web traffic into new business. The SEO services Arizona small businesses depend on to get results understand this.