Why Businesses Should Avoid Black Hat Strategies in SEO

This is a featured post from FatWallet.com. With online spending on the rise and social media profits growing for the sixth consecutive quarter, it's understandable that black hat SEO strategies can begin to look tempting. After all, they require very little effort and often provide a high return on the investment. However, cheaper isn't always

Derek’s Sandbox Day 57

The Internet, the Last Great Frontier Throughout my training at MorePro Marketing, I have been trained on the current SEO Strategies that MorePro uses for improving results on search engines. But this week I was trained on some current bad practices of SEO issues going around called Black Hat Strategies.  For those who are not

Google Spam Identified for Business Insurance Keyword

Google Spam Identified for Business Insurance Keyword In reviewing some keywords today in Google, we stumbled upon a highly questionable website showing up in the #1 position for business insurance".  We check this keyword on a pretty regular basis and have slowly seen the following site creeping up over the past 2 months, but a #1

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