In order to effectively optimize and market a website, the website’s goals, capabilities, and needs must all be taken into consideration. MorePro will personally work with you to understand your website’s goals, target audience, and specific optimization needs. After careful consultation, a custom SEO program will be built for your website.

Our objective is to improve your search engine presence for keywords related to your service(s) or product(s) while staying within your marketing budget.

Your site’s ability to achieve higher search engine rankings in the marketplace is built upon five factors:

  1. The industry you’re in.
  2. The level of competition for your industry’s keywords or search terms.
  3. Your existing web presence and backlink base (includes many sub-factors).
  4. Your company’s staffing capabilities for continuing SEO strategies.
  5. Monthly marketing budget constraints.

We take these factors into account knowing some websites will require optimizing for the basic SEO elements, while budgeting for more competitive SEO tactics as required.

Local SEO Programs from $500 per month

Local SEO Programs can cost as little as $500 per month and include in-depth keyword research, on-site and off-site optimization as well as a
20+ point SEO site analysis with specific recommendations on improving your website from an SEO standpoint.

This package would focus on approximately 10 Core Keywords with:

  • 20+ point SEO site analysis & action list
  • Optimization of Existing Website Content (10 pages approx.)
  • Optimized Titles & Meta Tags (10 pages approx.)
  • New Content Development (7-10 pages)
  • 500+ Directory Links (hand-submitted)
  • Social Media
    Submissions (4 hrs)
  • Local Search Submissions (3)
  • One Optimized Press Link Release & Submission

Other SEO program options could include increasing the number of targeted keywords as well as the total pages optimized, additional content development and a more aggressive
linking program. More advanced SEO programs could include all of the aforementioned campaign items as well as
customized SEO strategies including article distribution, video and blog optimization, as well as ecommerce and shopping cart optimization.

Added Value

Our staff is trained on effective website conversion strategies and integrates this knowledge and experience into all of our online marketing strategies, including our SEO programs. The optimization and link building services that we provide are all evaluated for conversion elements, which equates to more qualified leads and more sales for your company.

*The prices and strategies listed are intended only to be used as examples. Your custom SEO package might contain slightly different strategies and pricing structures. Contact MorePro for more details.