Update:  A study was released this week that everyone, who is considering using PPC (Adwords), should read as it lays out a case why PPC ads are important even if the click don’t lead to automatic sales.

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About 80 percent of screen real estate above the fold is dedicated to ads, including shopping results from numerous competitors. Let’s face it – this is not an easy space to play in for any ecommerce advertiser. Multiple sellers often sell the same thing, frequently at different prices. PPC is almost a must in order to appear above the fold.


The Difference Between SEO and PPC - Design Marketing Firm Phoenix AZ





Though both methods of search engine marketing share the common goal, which is to increase website traffic, search engine optimization (SEO) and pay per click campaign (PPC) differ in quite a few ways.

A pay per click campaign gets its traffic from users who click on advertisements that are deliberately placed in highly visible parts of the webpage. Pay per click ads are mostly found in search engines, advertising networks, and blogs.

The Difference Between SEO and PPC - Design Marketing Firm Phoenix AZOrganic Search Engine Optimization

Organic search engine optimization involves online variety of different marketing strategies to increase website traffic. Such marketing schemes include link building, content writing, and exchanging links. The goal of a successful SEO campaign is to increase the organic rankings within the search engines. These listings do not have fees associated with them the way that PPC ads do, but there are still costs associated with maintaining these rankings. The marketing expenses are relatively low in contrast to a pay per click campaign, since organic SEO relies heavily on top rankings for traffic.

An SEO-campaign will take a longer amount of time, compared to PPC, before improved rankings take effect and significant traffic increases are realized. In addition, crawlers from popular search engines spend a lot of time to thoroughly checking a site and indexing it. Still, a website’s placement on a results page depends heavily on the search engine’s algorithms, in which the search engine optimizer holds no control whatsoever.

Pay Per Click Campaigns

In contrast, a pay per click campaign draws traffic via advertisements placed in highly visible areas of a webpage. Web masters place advertisements in strategic locations on the web page in return for monetary compensation for every user who clicks on the ads. These advertisements commonly appear as sponsored links or sponsored ads.

PPC campaigns are more targetable and controllable than an SEO campaign might be. PPCs can be designed to appeal to specific type of audience. A sports website can place PPC ads that are relevant to sports such as sporting goods, athletic shoes, and other sporting equipment. Placing relevant and significant ads on a matching website can generate quality traffic — visits that will yield a much higher conversion rate than organic SEO traffic will.

Pay per click campaigns generate traffic much faster than organic SEO campaigns do. If employed properly, pay per click projects can generate and maintain traffic and sales, though maintaining an effective pay per click program without compromising profitability requires knowledge of the industry and regular monitoring.

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