MorePro Marketing PPC Management

With over a decade of experience in marketing websites online, MorePro Marketing is more than qualified to handle the maintenance and management of your company’s paid search accounts. Using a proven process, MorePro will identify the “red flags” that could point to an account’s under-performance, make the necessary adjustments, and continually improve the ROI of your paid search campaigns.

Once you have completed the setup of your Pay-Per-Click accounts, you cannot just let them sit idly by, spending your hard earned money. Something or someone must keep an eye on them. In order to properly track the success of a PPC campaign, the account must be closely watched and maintained.

The Paid Search Management Process

MorePro will consult with your company to get an idea of what the target figures for the account will be. Is your company willing to spend $100.00 for a lead or will you only be comfortable paying a few dollars per conversion? This consulting process takes into account your company’s overall budget, conversion goals and general market competition levels.

As soon as the data from your campaign comes pouring in, MorePro’s experts will analyze the figures and seize opportunities to increase the ROI of the campaign. MorePro will promote keywords and ad groups that are achieving above and beyond what was predicted and lower the bids on ad groups that are not producing the desired results.

Any ad groups that are deemed to be under-performing will undergo an intensive evaluation where landing pages, keyword targets and ad copy are scrutinized. Once revamped, these ad groups will launch again and the data figures will be closely monitored.

Why Pay an Expert?

Because you can’t do it alone. With literally thousands of lines of data coming in every week including the time of day that your ads performed best, which regions are clicking on your ads and converting at a better rate and how much you are paying per click on every keyword in your campaign, it can be overwhelming. Besides, even if you had the time to sift through all of the data, would you be able to list out an action plan and implement it before the account lost too much money? MorePro’s experts can quickly analyze any potential problems and immediately put action plans in place that will not only stop your account from posting a negative ROI, but even turn it around.