Get the Information Necessary to Increase Your Conversion Rate

If you operate an e-commerce or lead driven website, conversions are the name of the game. So how does a website improve its conversion rate and boost its sales and leads?

With a visitor conversion study.

MorePro conducts an analysis of your website that compares the actions taken by visitors to those of top converting sites in your industry. MorePro will then determine the elements of a website that lead customers to take action whether it’s buying a product or filling out a form.

Understanding Your Customer’s Habits & Needs

If visitors to your website are more likely to fill out a form on the right hand side of the page than the left hand side, MorePro will uncover that information and relay it to you – along with the tools to properly optimize your website for converting the visitors.

Do you know if your visitors prefer to read specs and text or do they prefer to view images and scan through bullet items? You don’t have to know because MorePro will conduct the testing to determine your visitor’s trends.

General Conversion Optimization Guidelines

Although every website’s conversion path will be different, below are some general guidelines to consider when optimizing your landing pages to convert visitors.

  • Your website should be quick to load. These days, visitors don’t have much patience waiting for your website to pull up. The longer your site takes to load, the more the visitor will second guess clicking on your listing in the first place.
  • State your case clearly and quickly. If you cannot state the value of your product or service in 2 sentences, you might need to look closer at what you offer.
  • Arrange your content in an easy to understand way. Visitors generally follow a specific path (from top left to bottom right) – make sure that your content flows in this manner to ensure maximum impact & exposure.
  • Include testimonials and credibility indicators throughout your site. This builds an element of trust. Visitors may not click to see this information specifically but the fact that they are there builds credibility.

Contact us for a free analysis of your website and put a plan in action to get more sales and leads through the door today!