What Can a Conversion Study Do for My Site?

In today’s online marketplace, it is not enough to simply have a website that is getting regular traffic and expect it to drive the sales. You have to do it better, bigger and faster than the competition and MorePro Marketing is here to help. MorePro will help you optimize your landing pages, analyze the competition and blow them away.

MorePro’s conversion team is staffed with individuals who have years of experience in reviewing and optimizing landing pages and sales offerings. MorePro’s conversion tools and studies will help your site start converting more efficiently so you can stop hemorrhaging money and start making it!

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A/B & Multivariate Testing

If you are unfamiliar with this common conversion lingo, here is a crash course.

  • A/B Testing refers to having two separate and distinct landing pages on which you test the conversion rates and make a decision as to which one to keep. An example of this would be Page A is composed mainly of text in the form of bullet points. The call to action is a green button after the last bullet point. Page B is a page composed primarily of graphics with the call to action appearing above the images in the form of a red button. You would test both of these pages by driving equal amounts of traffic to both and then compare the conversion rates of each page. Once a winner is determined, you would generally use that page until the need for another test arose.
  • Multivariate testing is completely different than A/B testing. With multivariate testing, you essentially keep the same page and experiment by tweaking one element on each of the test pages. For example, you would experiment with different link texts, colors, or calls to action, but you would only be changing one specific thing between the pages. This allows you to see which specific elements on your landing page are leading to higher conversion rates.

Sales Process Analysis

How easy is your cart to use? Unfortunately, as the site owner, you are a biased source of information. Let MorePro look at your cart and online sales process to uncover any potential pitfalls or confusion that the customer might encounter when purchasing a product or submitting information for a lead. MorePro will also consult with your company on your forms and information gathering procedures. We will analyze your sales process to determine if you need a long form with many questions or a short form with just basic information – it all depends on your industry and lead type.

Target Demographic Analysis

MorePro will put themselves in the shoes of your target demographic. We will check the site for potential turn-offs such as informal language on a technical information page, incorrectly targeted photos or graphs, and even color scheme and text size. Do you know if your target audience would rather watch a video where you explain your product or service or would they rather read a bullet list of the features? MorePro Marketing will help you decide which information delivery method is most conducive to your target audience and increase your conversions and inquiries.

Other Website Conversion Elements

MorePro will work with you and your sales team to develop a strong value proposition and ensure that this value proposition is carried out through every stage of the buying process. We will also analyze your sales funnels to determine where customers are losing interest in your products and how to make sure that the customer stays engaged throughout.

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