If your website isn’t on the first page of search results, then it might as well be invisible to most people. And if your site is on the fourth or fifth page of results, it might as well be in the basement of a locked building (that’s closed for renovations).

Feeling the pressure yet? Search Engine Optimization services help small businesses get their websites to the front page of search results, where they can start turning clicks into cash.

So if you need to start converting online traffic into foot traffic, here are four fast and easy tips SEO consultants say every small businesses should follow.

Content Is King…

SEO consultants all agree on one thing — creating content based around your keywords is absolutely crucial to success. In fact, more than 90% of marketers say that creating content is “somewhat” to “very” effective in improving SEO performance. Blog posts, infographics, videos, and photos posted to your site can help improve traffic.

SEO Consultants: Local Mobile Ad Spending Will Grow From About $800 Million To A Staggering $18 Billion By 2016

And yes, that’s $18 Billion with a very capital “B.”

Of course, companies with more efficient local SEO strategies won’t have to spend their money rigging the search results with Pay-Per-Click advertisements. Companies that do fork over their cash for PPC ads might have an edge in the short term, but organic search results will ultimately outperform paid ads.

Starting in April 2015, Google now includes mobile optimization as a factor in mobile search results. Not only that, but 51% of consumers are more likely to patronize a website that’s mobile-friendly.

So if you want your site to be visible to potential customers searching on their smartphones, your site better make the cut. Everyone else will get left in the digital dust.

Are Your Cross-Linking Your Content?

Cross-linking lets you direct traffic to your webpages with external or internal links. If your business is on social media sites like Twitter and Facebook (and it should be), then build up as many links to your company’s website as you can. The more links to your website search engines find, the higher they will rank your page.

However, internal links are just as important. The different pages and sections of your website should cross-link to each other; that way, customers can always find what they need.

What Is Commercial Intent?

It’s not enough to simply target keywords associated with your industry. For example, not everyone who searches “deck chairs” will actually be in the market to buy. However, targeting commercial intent — such as “buy deck chairs with free shipping” — will help you see a ROI for you local SEO services.