Secrets on Creating Powerful Value Propositions for Your Website

Arguably one of the most difficult things to create and define for your website, the Value Proposition is also one of the most critical sales-enhancing components you can optimize.  Most websites fail to even include their value proposition in the site’s design and messaging, while others display it poorly and/or haven’t articulated it properly.

Value Proposition

If you’re not sure what a value proposition is, let us help you to understand it.  One of our earlier blog posts covers the Importance of Value Propositions and should help you get up to speed so you can begin working on your own value statement(s).

I recently participated in a Marketing Experiments webinar in which they went through specific ways to analyze your current value proposition and to get the most out of it that you can.  The details of that webinar can be found here.

How To Determine Value Propositions

In addition to the basic evaluations of analyzing value propositions, the team at Marketing Experiments has created a table/chart to help you determine if your value proposition is up to par.  The two key factors in the table are Exclusivity and Desire, two elements that your visitors will be thinking about when deciding whether or not to buy from you.

Ideally, a good value proposition should be highly exclusive, meaning you’re one of the only companies in your industry offering the “value”.  There also has to be a high desire for that value, otherwise your the benefits will not be recognized.

In regards to creating and communicating your value to customers, the following ideas are suggested:

  • Clearly differentiate your product/service from your competitor.
  • Make sure that you’re competitive or on equal footing w/ your competitors on other levels of value.
  • Stand-out from the competition w/ at least one unique value.
  • Develop a value statement for your company, as well as your product/service; they are two different elements.

Which Statement Works Best?

The details of the webinar will certainly help you to review your own website, but ultimately you will not know which value statement works best for your audience until you test it.  PPC ads and/or A/B testing are great methods to complete the testing of your value propositions.

Once you have developed your value proposition, test out different ways to communicate it to your customers.  It is one thing to have a value, but it is quite another to effectively communicate it.  Test, test, test…