Blogs, blogs and more blogs… It seems that if you do not have a blog these days, something is wrong with you and you are behind the times. Everyone seems to have a blog whether it is for personal rants or for business use you just can’t escape the blogs. So how do you run a successful blog? Can you just throw some content together and throw it up on the Internet and then become famous? Sadly no, starting a blog takes a lot of work and a lot of patience. Over the next eight weeks I will be going into how you can successfully start a blog as well as successfully run a blog with regular, relevant posts. While I can’t tell you how to specifically get readers and visitors to your blog I can provide you with some tips that I have used in the past that seem to yield some positive results.

Any of you that had the pleasure of reading my “How to run a successful link building campaign” knows how this works. Here are the topics over the next few weeks we will be talking about.scratching head blogging is hard

  1. Setting up a Blog – What goes into setting up a blog? What software is out there to use? What is the best Software? What plugins, if any, should I use?
  2. Finding the right niche – Should I talk about one specific thing, or many different things?
  3. Writing blog posts – How long should my content be? What should it be about? How do I write content people will like?
  4. Social Media – Should I submit all my blog posts to social sites or just some of them? Which social sites should I go after?
  5. Updating the Blog – How often should I update my blog?
  6. Blog Maintenance – What goes into maintaining a blog? How often should I perform maintenance on the blog?
  7. Blog Tracking – How do I measure my success? Should I measure what works and what does not?
  8. Overview

All those questions and more will be answered in the next few weeks. Again I just want to reiterate that this blog series is going to provide you with some tips and tricks to become successful but they are not guaranteed. So stay tuned next week for the first installment of running a successful blog.