Where to fish in Rocky Point

The Estuaries we fished in are The Estuary Morúa (closest to town) east side entrance
and the La Pinta by the Mayan Palace.

This first map is the overview with Tags on the preceding maps


This Map Shows the turn off from Rocky Point


This one is the Turn Off to the parking area

Make sure you take the La Casa de Rad turn off as the first one goes next to the estuary and ends and is easy to get stuck in

Remember you have to park at the Guard house and walk in.


This map provides the first Road into the Mayan

There is actually 2 turn offs (the official Mayan road junction is a little further down the road) but you must tell the guard at the gate you are coming out to eat at a restaurant or have a drink…or anything that gives you a reason to go to the palace.  Just don’t say you are looking for a fishing spot.

This is the Beach Access road that will join the Mayan parkway that takes you to the Resort



This is the road to take past the Resort. This will take you to the end of the road at old building at the East End of Estuary.  Follow the waterside road all the way for great fishing on the tide.  I have fished all along the road once past the Golf Course