New Events Feature Launched on LinkedIn

On November 7th LinkedIn announced that they are launching a new feature: LinkedIn Events. This feature combines social networking and search with a unique twist for business professionals to find events that may be most beneficial to their networking endeavors.

How it Works

Members will receive notices on their Events home page about events that are recommended based on their interests (preferences already established with the creation of a LinkedIn account). Events can also be searched for by location, date and even specific industry.

Why it’s Useful

Even with a valuable tool such as this, it wouldn’t be social networking without providing the capability of a somewhat “mass appeal”. Therefore, LinkedIn also allows users to see who will be attending a particular event. Users can additionally indicate their own attendance status – basically a social RSVP.

Those who indicate interest for a particular event can keep track of updates. Plus, after the event, can check back to see all that took place up to the event: those in attendance, discussions, etc.

Overall, the LinkedIn Events feature benefits the target audience of LinkedIn users: business-oriented individuals looking to do some professional social networking. The site, founded in December of 2002, has more than 30 million registered users and spans 150 industries. With such an “in-demand” audience, LinkedIn is sure to create even more exponentially helpful tools and features like LinkedIn Events real soon…entrepreneurs (and business-minded professionals alike) take notice!

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Brittany Passante