MSN bCentral Directory Closed for New Submissions

It appears that Microsoft has decided to shut the door on their Submit It! services, including their bCentral Directory listings.  The website has a notice stating that as of November 15th” they’ll no longer be offering the services for new customers.  Read the full discussion on WebmasterWorld here.

Existing customers can continue using the service, but can’t purchase any additional directory listings or submissions.

For those not in the know… the bCentral Directory was one of the easiest & cheapest places to purchase relevant keyword text links.  For $49 per year, you could add up to 9 keyword rich text links in your directory listing, as well as a e-business card and page summarizing your products/services.

Unless they’re coming out with a similar product in the very near future, I’d have to say this is a poor decision on MSN’s part.  Ok, maybe I’m just upset because they shutdown a very good SEO tool, but making $50/yr per site for doing basically nothing seems like a good business model…  Leave it to Microsoft to shoot themselves in the foot.