As a local business, you’ve probably already done your fair share of digital outreach. You’ve claimed your business listing on Google My Business and made sure that all contact information is plainly visible and up-to-date. Maybe you’ve even run a local AdWords campaign or built up some backlinks.

But do you have what it takes to go mobile?

Local businesses who work closely with local search optimization companies like MorePro can create compelling digital content to help them stand out in the sea of search engine results, which can be extremely competitive, especially for Phoenix Arizona SEO services. But in this age of constant connectivity, sometimes you need more than quality content to get you to page one.

Mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets are the fastest-growing segment of Internet use today, representing half of all local search queries. But mobile rankings aren’t necessarily the same as desktop or laptop-generated rankings. Even if your business is 100% brick and mortar, you still need to find local search optimization strategies to attract customers on the go.

One of the key differences between searches done on mobile devices and those done on personal computers is thatmobile users want immediate action. We’re more likely to use a desktop computer at work or while planted at home, perhaps to make hiking plans for the weekend or to see what people are saying about that new restaurant downtown.

Mobile searches, on the other hand, tend to happen when you need something now. Maybe you’ve had a car emergency and need a tow or you’re looking for a table reservation tonight. Either way, the effectiveness of local SEO on mobile devices is contingent on your ability to let people know you’re local on a small screen.

A full 51% of consumers are more likely to make purchases from a mobile-optimized website, and Google is more likely to rank mobile-friendly pages on its search results. But if your goal is to get people off of their screens and into your brick-and-mortar location, then emphasizing your locality is key.

A local search optimization plan for mobile devices should focus on providing the most information in the smallest space possible. With the right tools and strategies, you can connect your business to the customers and clients who need your services sooner rather than later.

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