Majestic-SEO has been growing quickly over the past couple years and their database of valuable online linking data has worked it’s way into many popular SEO tools, as well as being utilized unique ways by SEO ninjas all over the world. While many of these tools are adding the data as an add-on to their existing portfolio using the API, etc., there are likely hundreds of different strategies to utilizing all of the data collected, and here’s where the contest kicks in…

For those willing to submit your unique methods & strategies of using MajesticSEO’s data, you can enter to win an Apple iPad if your idea is selected as the winner.

Here are a couple ideas already out of the running (essentially):

  • Using Majestic to find affiliate links
  • Using Majestic in the SEOBook Toolbar
  • Visualizing Backlink anchor text differently

We have been using the Majestic-SEO data for quite some time now, but I’m pretty sure we’re not doing anything that others haven’t already come up with, otherwise we’d probably enter the contest ourselves.

If you have a unique idea for using Majestic-SEO’s data/tool – enter your submission to win an iPad. Checkout the conditions for full rules.

Credit to Dixon Jones for the heads up on the contest (he’s their Director of Marketing btw).