While the holiday season might not be peak time for your tourism business, it can be an ideal opportunity for marketing. Holiday marketing can be heartwarming and engaging, encouraging customers to book with you and interact with your business. On top of that, for digital marketing strategies like search engine optimization, it can often take months to see results. That means your winter marketing campaigns could pay major dividends during the peak summer season.

The following are just some ways that you can promote your RV park, campground, cabins, or bed and breakfast during the holiday season.

Deck the halls. Renting out cabins or bed and breakfast rooms? Adorn the space with Christmas decorations and post photos on social media. This will encourage bookings during the holidays and will get guests in the holiday spirit.

Promote sales and specials. Campground, cabin, and RV websites often promote holiday specials. This could be a booking discount or a fun giveaway. Use social media and email marketing to promote this sale.

Encourage customer engagement. The holidays are a great time to post engaging social media content. Ask guests and past customers to share their photos or give an inside look at your holiday decorating. This will help build brand recognition and loyalty over time.

Post seasonal content. The holidays present an opportunity to boost your content marketing. Seasonal blog posts can be highly effective for SEO, as they are shareable and keyword-driven. Since SEO drives 75% of search content, consider how you can build links using your seasonal strategy.

Offer gift options. As web users and clients are looking for holiday gifts, a stay at your business might be just what they are looking for. But they will only find your business if you promote it. Consider offering discounts or a bonus gift to anyone who books a stay as a gift. They might just make this a holiday tradition.

By putting extra effort into your holiday digital marketing, you can use this time to bring in a rush of revenue at the end of the year and set your business up for success in the coming year. Cabin, campground, bed and breakfast, and RV websites have plenty of opportunity to make their marketing merry and bright. Just be sure to budget accordingly and pay attention to what works. This way, you can plan accordingly for the years ahead.