Smartphones and mobile devices have significantly impacted internet sales in recent years. With the increased connectivity they allow people, users are often logged into their email and social media accounts 24 hours a day, and can also access the internet at anytime. Also, about 50% of all searches conducted on the internet are done on mobile devices. As more users flood the internet, companies that own websites must be able to reach out to customers with the best, most efficient marketing strategies.

For this reason, many people have turned to local SEO guides to help them. These guides can help companies understand how to use SEO tools and strategies to make sure that they have a high search engine ranking. This is important because millions of people perform searches on a daily basis. Once users enter what they are looking for into a query, a search engine will typically generate millions of websites that relate to the search. About 75% of users never scroll beyond the first page of results. Subsequently, a website with a high search engine ranking will likely gain the traffic it needs to sustain and improve sales. A website located on the following pages of results may never be seen.

Local SEO guides, as well as local SEO companies, can help businesses raise their organic rankings in order to remain visible to a majority of users, particularly on engines like Google, as it is the most popular search engine, and owns about 70% of the search engine market share.

A local search marketing company will be able to provide valuable SEO strategies for you through a reseller program. They can take care of link building, manage and actively promote you through social media accounts, optimize your web design, and also optimize the content on your site. With 27 million pieces of content loaded to the internet on a daily basis, you will need your content to stand out.

With 58% percent of people researching products or services online, according to Pew Internet, the marketing strategies that local SEO experts can offer you will be invaluable to your company. By securing a higher search engine ranking and becoming more visible to online users, you will be able to attract enough people to your website, which could result in higher sales. This will be necessary if you want to remain competitive in today’s market.