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Local SEO

A recent survey conducted by the Pew Research Institute revealed that approximately 58 percent of Americans have used the internet to research or purchase products or services. This statistic continues to illustrate  that the present and future of business lies online and it includes mobile and tablet access linking to social media services.

This is the primary reason that over two thirds of North American social media users have connections to local business. Business owners are beginning to realize that they can reach more potential customers if they appropriate social media for business use. As we all know, every business and product seems to have its own Facebook page these days. Companies realize that every time a Facebook user “likes” their pages or the pages of their products or services, that all of their friends will see them, as well. Social media marketing is a low cost way to reach thousands of consumers.

Of course, social media marketing is merely one affordable service offered by MorePro Marketing to increase visits to the websites of our clients. Although businesses can implement their own SEO strategies, they usually get the best results by partnering MorePro that can focus on their specific needs.

To implement the most effective SEO campaigns, local search SEO firms will work alongside their clients to create alluring, persuasive digital content. When they enlist the talents of the top SEO companies, businesses can also rest assured that they are investing in cutting edge services made for today. For instance, online directory searches via mobile devices quadrupled during 2012. In order to capitalize on this trend, the best SEO companies will utilize strategies aimed specifically at mobile device users.

As 2014 approaches, SEO is mandatory for every business, large or small, if they want to compete in the online marketplace. The good news is affordable SEO companies like MorePro will provide their clients with the latest online marketing strategies that are flexible enough to meet their individual needs, as well as the demands of these rapidly changing times.