For small businesses trying to stand out from the digital crowd, Search Engine Optimization helps generate new leads and customers, which is why tons of affordable SEO companies are entering the marketplace. At least 60% of U.S. consumers research new products and services online, and three-quarters of them will never even scroll past that first page of search results. So if you aren’t in the top 10 first results on Google, you don’t even exist.

In fact, for better or worse, Search Engine Optimization might as well be called Google Optimization in 2015.

Affordable SEO companies can help local businesses get to that first page of results, but there are also simple things business owners and Web managers can do on their own time to increase visibility with SEO:

    • Social Media
    • Content Creation
    • Data Research

Social Media: Local search engine optimization campaigns often begin with social media. Create a business page on Facebook, and also encourage friends, family, and loyal customers to link or mention your business’ website on their social media pages.

And then there’s Google+. Although Google’s social media site has lower penetration than Twitter and Facebook, creating a verified Local Business Google+ page or a Brand Google+ page can boost the effectiveness of local SEO. Your contact info will show up on Google Maps and searches more easily. And since one half of local searches are performed on the go with smartphones, Google+ can help you connect with users when they need to find you fast.

Content Creation: Affordable SEO companies can help local businesses create compelling content. And if that content is shared often, it can improve search rankings long term; Google itself has stressed the benefits of quality content in its search algorithm. Keep in mind, no one knows more about your business than you, so if you have ideas for content, start making it.

Data Research: Most local SEO guides will tell you to target certain keywords on your website, but that tactic is useless if you aren’t targeting the right keywords. Do as much research as possible and make sure you include the right phrases in your copy. For instance, you might use the keyword “inexpensive plumbers in Tuscon,” even though the vast majority of people search for “cheap plumbers in Tuscon” instead.


And Remember: Don’t just Google yourself, Google your competitors, too. The more data you gather the more local SEO experts will be able to assist.