Derek’s Sandbox Day 48

On this week’s edition of Derek’s Sandbox….

Are You Qualified to Update Your Tags?

Starting off with some good news, I still have a job and I am still learning a profound amount of information. The longer I stay here at MorePro the more I understand the process through the long haul of clients. I’ve gotten to spend some time with the SEO department in initial set ups now that I know some of the items that we work on.

We always start with the simplest forms of SEO is the consistency of utilization in obvious items like Meta descriptions and title, header and alt tags. Within five minutes of analyzing the website, we will know whether a website is utilizing them and later we will be able to tell how to better utilize them.

Search engine optimization knowledge is free for anyone who wants to learn about it. The internet provides millions of resources for SEO in regards to strategies, tips, tutorials, vendors and so much more. The point is, the internet allows anyone to learn anything at anytime. We live in an information era.

Although you may learn about SEO, I am here to tell you one HUGLEY IMPORTANT THING!

If you don’t know anything about HTML or any kind of coding language,

In the past, I have operated a couple of different websites and have picked up on a decent amount of HTML knowledge. I can tell you this, one small error, one omitted character, one extra space…. Can leave your entire page blank!

It’s no joke and can be a huge pain in the neck.

If you’re designing your website with particular software like Dreamweaver or FrontPage, there should be simple applications that allow you to update header, alt, Meta and title tags without making the page a huge mess. However, if you decide to venture on in doing this, make sure you save a copy beforehand so that if the new version gets messed up, you will be right back where you started.

Search Engine Optimization is a practical form of marketing. You are putting your name, brand, product or service in an arena of often tangible results. It doesn’t and should not have to be hard.

So, if you don’t know anything about HTML and you’re trying to update your tags, walk away… If you’re brave enough, there are lots of tutorials offered online to teach you about html coding and how to implement changes. Here is a link to a starter for html tutorial. There are so many other options to increase your internet visibility then making yourself invisible from invalid coding.