Derek’s Sandbox Day 38

Consistency and SEO

In continuation of my Jedi training in the master arts of SEO, I have discovered that you don’t need the force to take on the dark side, but it sure would help to have the chosen one to defeat the dark lord. For those of you who are not geeks like me, this means that you don’t necessarily need an SEO company to manage your website, but their experience helps. A lot.

An SEO marketing company is going to have a strong influence on a company’s authority in a search engine with consistency.

Consistency of your keywords is one of the most important. Before any SEO marketing campaign efforts begin, it’s important to start with a keyword research profile. A strategy will be designed around a few important questions that point towards what your company wants to be listed under when a search query is conducted. From there the general idea of identity will be listed under as many variations (plurals, synonyms, spellings, etc.. ) as the paid contract calls for.

Utilization of these keywords will be placed into valuable forms of content such as meta tags, title tags, site content, press releases, articles, local directories and the list goes on and on.

In cooperation with the consistency of keywords, it ironically complements unique content. An SEO company will use writers to write up brand new content for a company. If you’re copying and pasting content from another website, you will be penalized in one way or another.  First of all,  it’s illegal and you could be charged with copyright infringement and secondly you’re content is now essentially worthless since the original domain has had the content up longer. So stop!

One last thing for this week is consistency with monitoring. Through different applications and recording processes, an SEO company will be able to monitor your results and keep track of changes done to the website to see what had positive and negative effects the changes had on the traffic and conversions for your website.

Consider it like your self imposed mechanic skills. Your transmission went out, sure you could fix it! But you could also mess it up even worse than it was before. If you don’t know what you’re doing with SEO, you could make it a bigger mess and have negative consequences from something that was intended to benefit your site.