Derek’s Sandbox, day 33

-Hey! I still have a job at MorePro!-

As promised from last week we are moving into the “whys” of SEO marketing this week. But the major question I want to address this week is why Google, Yahoo and Bing are constantly changing their search algorithms.

Throughout my whole life I’ve found that I get bored with things very easily. I’ve always had to have different changes in my life. When I worked in radio for three years, I was in a different part of the valley every day and even sometimes even out of the valley promoting new clients. Even though I’m not out on the road all the time, I am grateful to have a good amount of variety work that keeps my attention.

Now in regards to variety and SEO, I find it very intriguing to learn that there are three kinds of SEO strategies used for Marketing; white hat which is following all of Google’s guidelines, black hat which is deceptive and breaks most of Google’s rules and gray hat which falls under neither of the categories but can be argued to be both sides.

So to get back to the question of why Google is constantly changing its search algorithm, we have to attack the reason of why their rules are being broken. As I just mentioned, black hat marketing is a deceptive and unfair way of acquiring higher rankings. It’s because of the abuse from black hat marketing that Google, Yahoo and Bing must constantly revise guidelines to make the internet a pleasant and safe place to browse through.

In conclusion, we can thank the porn and spam industry for making things difficult for everyone.

Google is smart, let’s make no mistakes about that. They know exactly what they’re doing with their search engine and it doesn’t take them long to figure out how people are finding ways around their regulations.  They’re also fair. They have provided pay per click opportunities which allows companies of all sizes to pay and compete for advertisements that appear with organic traffic as well as in-depth tracking of your accounts.

So if you’re looking into doing some SEO work for your business, consider the fact that many SEO companies spend a huge chunk of time keeping up with trends of the market to be able to market companies most effectively with what works “now” and in the future. If you have time to do that, on top of all the other daily tasks required for your business, then more power to ya! However, this is one of the major reasons why hiring an SEO marketing firm would be more beneficial to you than doing it yourself.


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