Day 31 — Derek’s Sandbox

In continuation of this quest; trying to find out what SEO is all about, I pose this thought…

Growing up, I would ask my parents questions like “why can’t I put my GI Joes in the light socket?” or “what do you mean the baptistery isn’t for swimming in?” And the usual answer to my endless curiosity driven questions was.. “BECAUSE I SAID SO!”

I believe that’s where I’m at now with my SEO training. I have learned a lot of the different strategies that MorePro uses to help drive in traffic to client’s websites, but all I know for now is that those tactics are used because they have been proven successful.  Temporarily, it is more important to know the “how” and later we’ll get to the “why”.

Another reason that  I am focused on the “how” for now is because the “why” is subject to change because the major search engines (Google, Yahoo and Bing) are constantly changing their algorithm(1)  to determine results.

“So Derek….. CUT TO THE CHASE!”

Here is the Readers Digest version of some of the basic “how’s”:

How does SEO work?
SEO varies from company to company, but at MorePro, we’ll study the company, audience, website, product and current authority within organic search results(2) . After the initial examination, we’ll speak with the owners of the company about our proposed marketing strategies, the direction they want to go, and how we can best promote them using SEO.

How are you bringing in traffic?
We use a variety of services depending on what the client wants to achieve with their online marketing, including full SEO Website Analysis, optimized Meta tags, on-site optimization (Internal Linking Structures, Keyword Insertion, ALT Tagging Images, etc), local search submissions, social media etc., but the main part that I have been working with is linking. In the same way you would post flyers on a bulletin board about an event or advertise with a newspaper, linking provides the same kind of exposure on the internet. Linking provides an authority within organic search results but with provisions. Some of these provisions include the number of links on unique domains, no-follow links, image links, and many many more.

“Ok Derek, this actually sounds pretty self-explanatory and I could probably do it myself, why would anyone hire a company to do what I can do?”

You’re right; you could possibly do this by yourself, but keep in mind that you have a business/service/product to maintain as well. We work the same way a band manager would. The band writes the songs and plays the shows and the manager takes care of all the behind the scenes stuff. Our job is to get people in to see your product, and we have proven that we can do it. We are led by owners who have been in the SEO industry for 15 years and with MorePro for 11.

If you feel like taking on the extra hours needed to conduct research and work, then please feel free to dive in- MorePro has spent 11 years perfecting our service and we have the tools and experience needed to get companies the online exposure needed.

Search Engine Optimization is practical advertising. When was the last time you actually listened to or watched commercials on TV or the radio and how often do you remember a billboard that you saw? That kind of advertising is a dying breed because of equipment such as iPods, TiVo and other technology; you are able to skip the junk and get what you want. People want results when they use search engines to find the products and services that they need. Why would you not try to optimize your chances of getting discovered on them?

The major conclusion that I’ve come to this week is that if you have a business and a website for that business, it’s CRUCIAL to optimize it-


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(Next week on Derek’s Sandbox!)
We look into the “why’s” of search engine optimization…. Plus more Twitter harassment!
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  1. Google’s Algorithm —   Google’s set rules on how search results are displayed on a page
  2. Organic Search Results —  The listed page results when a query is entered on a search engine not including advertisements listed on the sides.