If you run your own company and you’re looking to attract more customers to visit your website, you may want to seriously consider small business SEO services. After all, SEO has demonstrated itself to be the best method for obtaining new leads. More specifically, 34% of marketing professionals have deemed it to be “very effective.”

When it comes to SEO services for small businesses, the most important thing you can do is to produce new SEO content on a regular basis. The articles, blog posts and other content should feature relevant keywords and phrases that online users typically use when searching for certain products and services. It is also wise for this content to include backlinks, in order to further establish the credibility of your site.

The statistics regarding feedback from professional marketers support the significance of content when drawing prospective costumers to your site through SEO. For example, the vast majority of these marketers, 92% in fact, find new content production to be at least “somewhat” critical to solid SEO practices. There are 50% who find a new influx of content to be very important in improving search engine optimization.

Local SEO strategies can be particularly effective when it comes to establishing meaningful connections with prospective clients who use mobile devices, such as smartphones and tablets, to search for businesses in their area while on the go. This is borne out by the fact that page visits to sites offering localized information which originate from devices other than personal computers increased by more than four times in 2012.

In addition to local search optimization, you may want to consider making your website design “responsive,” so that it caters to the individual user and the specific device he or she is using. To that point, more than half of customers are more apt to buy something from a site that caters to mobile devices than one that does not.

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