Camping is a cherished American tradition, so your campground marketing should speak to people’s senses of play, comfort, and relaxation. An essential website element that can deliver this message is the ‘About Us’ page. By creating the perfect ‘About’ page, you can give customers a sense of who you are. And if you create a connection, you can turn web users into customers. The following elements will help take your ‘About’ page to the next level.

    • Tell a Story

      Finding a personal connection with a potential customer starts with telling them who you are. People love stories, so include how your campground came to be. This can be especially effective if your business has some amount of family tradition. Keep it honest and heartfelt.


    • Add Multimedia

      While crafting the right text is important, images and videos can also tell the story. By showing professional photos of your campground, you can show potential guests what they can expect when they book with your business. You may also consider including a video of the space as well. Just be sure to keep everything clean and high quality.


    • Show Your Campsite Layout Design

      You may also want to include an aerial view of a typical campsite at your campground. By displaying this campsite layout design, as well as a list of amenities, you can show off the services you offer. If this is crowding the page, consider adding an additional navigation tab with this information.


    • Include a Next Step

      Calls to action are central to a business website, especially when your end goal is for a customer to book with you. Consider adding a hyperlink to your booking or contact page within this call to action. When executed well, a call to action will direct users to book with you rather than click away from the site.

    • Choose Keywords Carefully
      An ‘About’ page can also be an effective SEO tool. By including keywords in your web copy, you may guide search engine users directly to this page. A study from Outbrain found that search engines are 300% more effective than social media when driving traffic to content sites.

As with any other page of your campground website, your ‘About Us’ page can make or break user experience. By making it engaging and informational, you can keep users on your site and ultimately encourage them to book with you. Just be sure to fine tune your page as you gain more analytics.