February 2017

A Few of the Most Common SEO Mistakes You Should Try to Avoid

Search engine optimization (SEO) is rated as the most effective tactic for lead generation. In fact, approximately 34% of marketers have deemed it "very effective" as a tactic. Despite all of the positive feedback on SEO services as a whole, there's definitely still room for mistakes in there. Some mistakes are more common than others,

January 2017

How to Revamp Your SEO Branding Strategy for 2017

If there's one thing we can always depend on, it's change. That's especially true in the world of search engine optimization, where the technologies and algorithms are constantly being revised and updated. In order to prepare your SEO branding strategy for the new year ahead, we've compiled some of the top trends we expect to

December 2016

5 Important Search Engines That Aren’t Google

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Many SEO consultants act like Google is the only search engine in the world, but in fact Google only owns about 65% to 70% of the market. While that might seem like the lion's share, it does leave considerable room for other search engines to have something of an influence on the market and on

Study: How Google’s Possum Update Affects Local SEO

As far as Google's algorithm updates go, the Possum update on September 1, 2016, was a relatively quiet one. Many SEO consultants may not have noticed any significant differences to their rankings at all. But local search engine optimization services certainly did. Now, months later, some experts are only beginning to make sense of how

3 Important Benefits of Search Engine Optimization

The business sector has clearly changed significantly over the last few decades. While word of mouth was once the end all be all of business, companies have adapted over the year to expand the reach of their marketing strategies. Nowadays, the physical act of word of mouth marketing is nowhere near as effective as it

October 2016

The Crucial Link Between Social Media and SEO Services

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There's some debate within the search engine optimization (SEO) world about whether or not social signals, that is, your presence on social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, and Snapchat, have an impact on your overall search results rankings. And like many other issues debated among SEO services, there's a lot of different

September 2016

3 Red Flags to Spot a Bad SEO Company

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Search engine optimization is important for the health and vitality of any website or online business, and it seems that there's a new company offering SEO services every day. How can you tell the difference between a seasoned SEO company with proven results and strategies, and one that's just smoke and mirrors? Here are three

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