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Protect Your Client’s Websites From ADA Related Complaints and Lawsuits.

MorePro Marketing has released its new ADA-Relief® plugin to make yours and your client’s WordPress sites more ADA compliant.  There are similar plugins available but they only provide you an Accessibility User Interface for the site visitor to change the way they view the site while the ADA-Relief plugin for WordPress provides that and a lot more.

Included is behind the scene programming that allow your site to pass the standard WAVE Test. This test is what most lawyers and ADA activists use to determine if a site is being compliant.  Don’t allow your site or your clients site to be sued.  See why you need this plugin and what it offers below then order today (Covered by a full a 14 Day Money Back Guarantee).

ADA Lawsuits on the Rise

The legal landscape regarding ADA accessible sites became more defined in 2019. A case in point is the Supreme Court denying a petition from pizza giant Domino’s to hear whether its website is required to be accessible to the disabled, leaving in place a lower court decision against the company. As seen, the number of websites suits increased after the decision. This and the recent California court cases spell an increase in these types of lawsuits. To that end, we have built a WordPress plugin (ADA-Relief) that automatically fixes these errors and allows us to continue to build on the plugin as the landscape for required ADA accessible sites becomes more defined.

You may see the plugin in action on our website below

ADA Relief Features

Easy & Beautiful Dashboard

Find All the Settings Easily and Customize
the Plugin to your Website Needs

Coding Corrections

  • Language Attributes

  • Alt Attributes
  • Empty Links
  • Empty Headings
  • Broken ARIA Menu

  • NoScripts

  • Autoplay Attributes

  • Justified Text

  • Target _Blank

Interface to Adjust
the Website’s UI

  • High Contrast Mode

  • Dark Contrast Mode

  • Monochrome Mode

  • Images Removal

  • Readable Font

  • Font Size Adjustment

  • Big Mouse Cursor

Advanced Additional Functionality

  • Auto-generated Compliance Statement

  • Search & Replace Module (HTML Corrections on the Fly)

  • Weekly Automated Scans & Reports Directly in Your Email

  • Advanced Compatibility with Specific Themes & Plugins