For companies that are just starting to use search engine optimization strategies, it can be difficult to find a toehold. Here are some of the best places to begin for SEO novices:

Simply guess. A lot of amateur SEO users just guess their way through the process, picking keywords that they feel stand out. This doesn’t always prove to be effective, but it can be a good start for websites that have no content at all.

Copy your competitors. What terminology or methods are your competitors using? Why are they ranked ahead of you in the search rankings? By copying them, you can expect to gain more ground in your web search results, but you likely won’t surpass them in the rankings.

Use free online tools. There are plenty of online resources that can help you develop relevant keywords that will drive traffic to your site, but they may not geo-target the results, casting too wide of a net to generate any local leads that will actually benefit the company.

Hire a local search engine firm. Local firms understand your community and where you’re coming from, and can also understand the intent of your competitors. They understand the keyword generation process better than either you or any automated online tool, and can help you generate unique keywords that your clientele will be searching for.

Local SEO companies can not only help you with keywords, but they can also help you to develop a more immersive marketing strategy, as well as a user-friendly, responsive website. SEO marketing companies are able to boost their clients’ websites to front page searches, which is ideal — after all, 75% of Internet users don’t even click past the first page of search results.

A reputable local Phoenix search engine firm like MorePro can help other local businesses excel on search results as well as maps and directories. By making it to the front page and top results, you gain more authority online and become a leader among Arizona businesses.