2009 Looks Bright for SEO Companies


2008 was a great year for SEO! More and more businesses showed an interest in search engine optimization and sought out specialists to help them fulfill their online marketing goals. Social linking, blogging, and other forms of SEO garnered more publicity and respect as legitimate ways to grow internet business.

Business owners in every industry worried as the economy declined and moved into a recession. I know my company, MorePro Marketing Inc., was concerned about the effect that the recession would have on our ability to land new clients interested in our SEO services. Yet despite the slowing economy, MorePro grew and expanded in 2008 and business was still going strong at the end of the year.

Smart businesses, when threatened, increase marketing and publicity expenditures and know how to adapt to a shifting market. Many of our clients did just that and turned to search engine optimization and PPC as ways to increase website traffic and boost online sales. These companies saw success even when many other businesses were going under.

Here’s hoping that 2009 brings SEO companies like us, our clients and everyone else continued success and prosperity! Hopefully the buzz around internet marketing and online business will continue to evolve into a new tech-savvy market all its own.

Happy New Year!