Web Design Services

Service Description Price
Custom Pay Per Click Landing Page

MorePro will complete a PPC landing page for optimal conversions for a client campaign.

The program starts with a 30 minutes phone call with the client to define the requirements for the page. MorePro will make suggestions for a call to action (phone call or form sign-up). Client will agree to the call to action and provide information for content (i.e., photos, testimonials, logos)

MorePro will create a black and white wireframe of the landing page concept. The client provides feedback and approves the concept.

MorePro provides a visual design for the wireframe. Standard fee includes 2 rounds of revisions. Extra rounds of revisions will incur an additional fee.

MorePro will translate the visual design into HTML and deliver files to the client. Client must upload the file to their webserver.

Custom Email Marketing Template

MorePro will create an HTML based email template to use in a monthly newsletter or auto-responder campaigns.

The template will match the client’s current branding on their website. Unless otherwise provided, MorePro will use assets (logos, photos, etc…) from the client website.

The template design does not include any content. See content services for writing fees.

Custom Website

MorePro will conduct the following:

· Interview client or reseller to gather requirements for the website.

· Create navigation flow and wireframes

· Create final website requirements document to define functionality and scope of web development

· Custom visual design on website. Includes 2 rounds of revisions.

· Build custom theme in Wordpress

· Load and launch content

Starting at $1,199
Template Website

Select from 5 supported Wordpress themes MorePro will layout and load content for 7 pages (Services, About, Contact, Home, Privacy Etc.). Fee includes custom 1 hour of custom graphic work for header or slider photos. All content and materials must be provided by client.

SEO Microsite

MorePro will launch a template website focused on specific keywords. Keywords will drive domain name selection and content for the website. MorePro will build the website and then publish blog posts on the site per month as well as an ongoing link building program.

MorePro can place links to client’s site or add forms for lead capture on the domain.

Site + 2 onsite updates + Local 1 Link Building = $449

Site + 4 onsite updates + Local 2 Link Building = $849

Website hosting Hosted in MorePro data center (Basic Service) $10 / month