Revising Your Content Marketing Strategies

I first of all would like to apologize for my lack of posting in the blog lately, but I assure you that during the time that I have spent away from writing for the MorePro SEO blog, I have found some very insightful information that I am excited to … [Read more...]

Tips to Improve Your SEO Writing for Articles

When writing content for the web, it ends up in one of two places.  It either ends up on your website as additional content, or it ends up as syndicated content for the rest of the web to use. Unfortunately through this, I believe that SEO’s have … [Read more...]

Is Your Site Ready for the Search Engines?

After you have gone through the process of carefully selecting your keywords and optimizing your content, you can sit back and watch your rankings shoot through the roof, right? Not necessarily. Your content is optimized, but do the search engines … [Read more...]

Content is King

Content is King. Web content.  What is this “king” that search engines, web-savvy intellects and other industry gurus refer to?  According to Lou Rosenfeld and Peter Morville in Information Architecture for the World Wide Web, content is broadly … [Read more...]